Featured Designer: Elizabeth Garvin

Elizabeth Garvin is an artist working in the medium of jewelry in NYC. It’s the perfect form to express her interest in natural sciences, geology and metallurgy, and to balance these components within strong, feminine, wearable objects. Working each day with the most beautiful of natural elements, her designs are inspired by natural geometry and rendered with a distinctly modernist sensibility. The imagery is powerful, often provocative yet intrinsically familiar. As a woman designing for women, Garvin knows what a woman responds to, what feels right, and what jewelry really means to her. We are thrilled to exhibit her jewelry here on Deka Jewelry.

DEKA JEWELRY is a unique online shop which boasts a distinctive collection of hand-crafted jewelry from designers and artisans from the United States and across Europe. Many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind, statement-making jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else, stunningly-curated by owners Yanni Katakis, a gemologist and Elena Thiveou, a jewelry designer, devoted to bringing under-the-radar jewelry to it's devoted customers (and beyond), for those who want something extraordinary and luxurious. (Photo by Manhattan Sideways)

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