Deka Jewelry by The Quin

November 09, 2017

Deka Jewelry by The Quin

Deka’s mission can be summarized in 10 short points.

  1. Deka is a jewelry gallery and workshop that was added to Manhattan’s unique artistry spots in December 2012.
  2. The idea of Deka was conceived by Yanni Katakis, a gemologist, and Elena Thiveou, a jewelry maker.
  3. The embodiment of Yanni’s and Elena’s initiative was shaped as a contemporary jewelry store, beautifully designed by Architect Christine Yessios. It is located at 28 East 10th Street in New York City.
  4. “Deka” is the word for ten (: ΔΕΚΑ) in Greek and has been incorporated to the English Language i.e. decade, decahedron, or decameter.
  5. Deka’s goal is to feature the makings of European and American jewelry designers, whose unique work remains underrepresented in the United States.
  6. Deka showcases, at any moment, 10 designers hand picked by the owners.
  7. Elena is one of the ten designers whose workshop is situated in the back of the gallery, where she produces her makings from idea to entity.
  8. All pieces found at Deka are individually designed, handcrafted, and one of a kind.
  9. Amongst the materials used in the making of Deka jewelry collections are fine metals (gold and silver), diamonds, precious colored gemstones and pearls.
  10. Deka guarantees the quality for each jewelry piece.

by The Quin

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